Day 622: Date night

Day 622: Date night

SUCH cool artwork tonight from Elijah McNeal. Love the impressionist style here…something I haven’t seen much of in the “space art” scene, except maybe from John Berkey. So cool.

The Ho and I went on a date tonight. It was aweomes. We went to this wine bar down the street from us…we drove because we thought it was further away than it was…but it’s totally walkable. Which we’ll definitely do the next time we go.

Food was surprisingly good. They had an impressive array of wines, and they were all by the glass, which equals awesome. Desserts were pretty good too. It was just a nice place, very much our style, and so fucking cool that it was within walking distance.

We also walked the pups together, and just kinda checked in with each other, as we do every so often. She’s reading a book right now on “happiness,” and we talked a lot about that kind of stuff, and where we’re each at in our lives. I personally think that’s a crucial part of a healthy relationship. And not even just with your S.O., but anyone really. Checking in every so often and talking about your feelings. That shit is important.

Coops has taken recently to sleeping on the floor. He does this around this time of year it seems. Did it last year, too. I’d be willing to bet I even wrote about it. Anyway, he just went over to his favorite pillow that’s over by the little walkway to the bathroom and laid down. Coco, on the other hand, is fully stretched out on the bed. She looooooves the bed. In fact, lately we’ve found her in the bedroom in the dark all by herself curled up on the bed. Just chillin.

The Ho and I also talked about our upcoming trip. Originally, the plan was to go to Scandanavia…but that was scratched because it’s dark and cold there during the winter times. So, instead, we’re planning a trip to England and Ireland in the spring. We’re both starting to get pretty excited about it, actually. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to check out both the urban and the rural parts of both countries, and try to give ourselves enough time to really get a sense of the areas. Walk around. Explore. Find the nooks and the crannies. And, honestly, do a bunch of tourist stuff too.

It was a good day today, and I’m pretty pooped. Took a really solid hour long nap. It was one of those naps that just “happened.” I hadn’t planned on it, really, but suddenly I was feeling tired, and so I took one. That’s what days off are for, yo.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. Need to plan out my schedule for that. Think I’m going to stick with what worked yesterday. It puts my writing hour in jeopardy should anything adversely affect my day, but it also gets me the furthest into my editing goals the earliest in the day, and *that* is the key to success I have found. Being far enough along in the editing work by around 5:30. If I am, I have like 100% success rate of finishing everything I’m suppose to. If not…it’s more like a 40% chance. Not good.

Will catch y’all on the flip side 😉