Day 625: Podcastin' foo

Day 625: Podcastin’ foo

Just finished editing and setting up tomorrow’s Green Collar Podcast. Joe and I were able to just do two weeks in a row! That’s awesome. 10 podcasts so far this baseball season. I mean, that’s pretty good, yo! Today’s podcast was a lot of fun…Joe came up with “cry young,” which is obviously the opposite of the cy young award, aka the *worst* pitcher of the year. We also made a wager on the air, and argued about who shoulders the most blame about why this team sucks.

To be honest, I’m really not sure how many people listen to our podcast. I do know there are SOME people out there who do, and I also know that Joe and I have sooooo much fun talking baseball that it just makes sense for us to record it. I find us to be fairly entertaining 😛 Hopefully we gradually build up an audience…but if we don’t, it’s actually okay. Joe and I just like talking baseball.

Had kind of a busy day today, actually. I did get a nap in 😛 I always feel like such a douche writing that. Oh, look at me, able to take naps and shit, my life is so hard. That last sentence should be read in a very entitled and sniveling voice, just to be clear. I finished Inside Llewyn Davis, which I thought was decent enough. I talked with the Ho about it a bit, but it’s fascinating to me that the Coen brothers are able to get away with writing the kind of scripts that SO MANY screenwriters I know want to write; unconventional, brooding main character who’s not super likable, not a ton of plot…you know, the BORING scripts that we all want to write because we have some aspect of ourselves that we want to express…well the Coen’s do that shit and totally get away with it. It was a good movie. Really good. I can’t tell you specifically why, really. At least script and character-wise. What I CAN say entertainment-wise, and character-wise I guess, was that they made Llewyn very, very good at what he does. Sing. The music is wonderful. And there’s a lot of it. A number every 15 minutes or so. Because of that, you automatically root for him, you know? I also thought they did some stuff towards the end of the movie that really connected their main character to the scene he was representing as a whole. Made it kind of a love letter to this community of artists who never got the recognition they deserved, perhaps, for being stepped upon by the next generation who really took off and blew up.

So, I liked it after all that…after all that depression in seeing a story about an artist who gives up on his art because it’s just too hard to continue.

We also got to see one of our out of town friends tonight, Krystal, who’s here from Canada. Met her at Comicon last year, and she was in town for the same thing this year, and stayed up in LA for a couple days. We went to this “new” place in Echo Park/Silver Lake called Pine and Crane, a Taiwanese place. It was freaking delicious, and so nice to see Krystal. I ate so much freaking food. Ugh. I like Taiwanese, I guess. Dumplings, and now their take on other Chinese-y foods.

I’m writing my entry tonight from my computer in the office since I was working on the Green Collar episode. It’s always weird when I do that. I thought I was going to bed early today 😛 That’s what I felt like when I got home, but then I decided I had it in me to edit down the podcast and get it posted. DONE.

Tomorrow will likewise be busy, so I’m resolving to take it easy in the afternoon. Be busy in the morning, get my shit done then, and then take it easy. We’re seeing Antman. Excited about that, for reals. I loooove miniature stuff. Seriously. Was obsessed with it when I was a kid to the point where I created an entire imaginary miniature empire that lived out in my backyard forest. I think it’s going to be good. I also start my pages tomorrow. That’s…gonna be a grind methinks. We’ll see. Hopefully it just springs from my fingers.

That’s all for tonight, y’all. See you tomorrow 😉