Day 626: A quickie

Day 626: A quickie

Tonight shall be a quick one, I think. It’s past 11:30 and I wanted to try and sleep early tonight 😛 Work day tomorrow, you know how it goes.

Had a bit of a hijacked day in terms of some editing work I did to get “ahead” took a little longer than I wanted it to (because I let myself get distracted), and then the time I’d set aside for writing was genuinely hijacked by apartment duties…BUT. I will say that apartment stuff was *entirely* arranged on purpose. I’m trying to schedule that stuff on my “off” days since they tend to wreck havoc with my editing days, and that’s no good.

But, I still got some rest, still got the editing done, and still got into bed when I wanted after going to see Ant-man. Imma be real…I went into that movie thinking I was going to love it, got really REALLY skeptical about the whole thing through most of the first half, fearing that my optimism had been misplaced…and then totally swung back to unbridled enthusiasm for the second half. It was great. Well, *fun*…perhaps not a great movie, but a really fun movie. Especially down the home stretch. For reals. It killed. I’d totally recommend going to see it, and it’s easily one of the must-see movies of the summer. More so than the last Avengers. I really liked it.

Now the pups are ready to sleep, and so am I. The writing thing bums me out slightly, but I’m totally confident I’ll make it up tomorrow. Or spread it out over a couple days. I just need to stick with my schedule. And, I can. I know I can. I was talking with my mom on the nighttime walk with the dogs, and telling her that I really feel like I’m in a groove right now. I do. I fucking LOVE IT. I wish I always felt like this.

Anywho, good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, even if you taste delicious.