Day 629: Baseballs and Tubers

Day 629: Baseballs and Tubers

It was a pretty glorious day off today. And definitely needed.

Got my writing done first thing and went grocery shopping. Six full pages written on the new pilot. Boom. Fridge full. Check.

Then, I settled down for the rest of the day off. Watched the A’s play probably their most dominant game of the year, teeing off on ex-A’s starter Tommy Milone. That was nice. Then…I took a nap for like two hours. Didn’t sleep that whole time, but I was in bed. It was gllllooorrrriouusssss.

Just took a side detour to talk with the panda about life directions. You know, like north or south. I kid, I kid.

Man, it’s sleeping time. It’s 1am. Gotta go. Saw Jacob Fu, and Kihong and Hayoung, and Camille Chen…a whole mess of awesome asians. It was grand.

Now, the sleeps!