Day 630: Rollin rollin rollin

Day 630: Rollin rollin rollin

The groove is a nice place to be, man. I have my hiccups here and there, but not today. Today was awesome.

I was suppose to go get my teeth cleaned first thing, but I woke up to a voicemail from the office saying that my hygenist couldn’t be in this morning, so that was nixed. Honestly, that was good news. It was a work day today, and going to the dentist was deffo gonna mess with my flow. So, I rescheduled for a Wednesday in a couple weeks, which will be a day “off.” Easy peasey!

Roll through work today, then got my writing done in the evening. I’m officially 1/4 into the script now. It’s still mostly set up, not quite finished with Act 1, but it’s not the opening any more, you know? Excited to be there. Page count is sticking under control so far, too. I think. 😛 We’ll see how that goes.

It was just a solid day, man. I got *slightly* behind in the turn right before dinner, but it only cost me 15 extra minutes in the end which is nothing. I’m loving it. More work than ever done before, and doing it in less time. And, the writing is fun. I didn’t listen to the Indiana Jones theme today while I was writing, but I’ve been doing that lately and it’s soooooo coooolll. I’m excited about this pilot. Hopefully it continues to happen smoothly and quickly 😛

So, finishing early meant I had time to actually spend with the Ho, and we watched So You Think You Can Dance together. That was so nice. Finishing before 10pm at night, and having a solid two hours to spend together. That’s just such a major change from just a few weeks ago, finishing early enough at night to have time to hang out before bed. I’d pretty much given up on that, figuring my work days would be all that from start to finish…but all it took was me using my daily calendar and setting my specific goals for each hour. World of difference.

Anywho…yes, another work blog. That’s what you get for reading this thing on a work day! 😛

It rained a little bit in the morning, and it was swamp-status for the rest of the day. Such crazy weird weather. If El Nino really is coming, it’s going to keep at it like this during the winter time, albeit not quite so warm I’d wager. I love it when it rains…that’s a holdover from growing up in Humboldt County where it rained solid from October through May or June. It just makes me feel like home. In fact…it might not be a bad idea to try writing with rain sounds on my headphones…

…perhaps I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

Night, y’all!