Day 633: Writeapalooza

Day 633: Writeapalooza

Artwork tonight from Michael Whelan.

Yup. I totally smashed together “write” and a certain music festival to imply that I did a lot of writing today. Why? Because I did 😛 I wrote 25 pages today of my pilot script. I’d been hoping to FINISH the pilot today, but that’s going to take another couple days it would seem. Maybe 3. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things. I’m “behind” with my goals I set, but not too far. I’m in the middle of it.

There’s a big difference in being behind because things are just taking a little longer than you’d expected and you’re in the middle of it, and being behind because you just haven’t done anything. Totally and completely different. I’m currently “behind” on this new pilot because it’s going to be longer page-wise than I was expecting. Or hoping. I had a mini crisis today, in fact, while I was writing where I realized I wasn’t quite to the middle point of my second act…and I’d already hit the 30-page mark. I almost stopped right there and scrapped the whole thing. I may have to do that…I hope not. I don’t *think* I do, I just think I need to be much more concise, much more efficient. We’ll see what happens.

I plowed ahead, and just stuck to my outline. I’ll figure it out once this draft is written, you know? I’m trying to learn as I go, there’s bound to be set-backs. I’m trying to take the view that they’re not wasted time as long as I learn something from the process.

Had a nice long back and forth email conversation with my brother Seth via email today. He’d reached out because he wanted to connect and catch up, and so we did. That was nice. Nice to touch base, check in with each other. His impetus to do that was this blog, of all things. I honestly have no idea who it is out there that reads this thing except for myself, who it acutally IS written for…that should come as no surprise, given how much I talk about things that are almost certainly of exclusive interest to myself. I know the Ho reads it with regularity. I think she finds it a nice way to peer into the mind of her husband on any given day. It starts conversations every so often. My stats say that around 10 people read my daily blog posts on any given day. I don’t know how that’s true, since my own views are not counted on that program…so, 10 people or 1 person and 9 robots are reading this entry tonight. Maybe I should talk about more robot-interest stuff…

Beep boop bap beep beeeeeep.

You’re welcome robots.

So…let’s see…lots of writing, lots of writery angst…and then I went to the writers group meeting thing that I’ve been doing lately. That was genuinely awesome tonight. Had a lot of fun, and some really interesting stuff was put out there into the group, both original and excerpts from others. I brought someone else’s material for the first time, and that was cool. Much less angst when that happens, I guess. Which is why I actually want to try and do it as little as possible. If you find yourself avoiding something, it means you should go do it and get it over with, right? Right. Tonight, I geuinely didn’t have anything to read that was ready to share.

Now, I’m home, and sleepy. Feeling a little off-kilter since today was so…engrossed in the writing. But, it was honestly a huge win today. I have written that much in a day all year. It reminded me that I COULD do that, and maybe I should work that into the way I do things. Spend my plodding day in and day out doing these outlines and down to specific beat sheets for scenes…but then let myself write a draft in a couple days. I just felt focused today, like I could do it. I wasn’t going to be distracted or put it off. Felt good. But, definitely different. More of the rollercoaster-type work ethic than the little-by-little every day.

Tomorrow is work. Gonna crush it, of course. And get more writing done, too. Maybe 10 pages. We’ll see. Have a good night, everyone, all you bots out there who love this shit. See you tomorrow 😉