Day 634: No title

Day 634: No title

Artwork tonight from Don Davis.

The Ho is next to me right now making this custom jewelry site show her previews of little heart pendants spelling dirty words. Like she just showed me a little gold heart on a necklace that says “pubes.” I married the right person, guys…

Worked today…got shit done. No writing, but I needed a day off after the deluge yesterday, to be honest. See, that’s the rub with doing all that work all at once: it burns me out. Don’t like that. But…I did still like getting so much work done. It’s a plus-minus situation.

Cooper is sleeing down in the kennel tonight, Coco’s kennel. It has more room than his little travel kennel that we use for him in the bedroom. He’s been down on the floor for the past couple weeks. He seems to do this every year, actually, for a month or two in the summer time. He must get too hot. Then when it gets colder again, he’s back up on the bed.

We had a little snuggle moment before I slipped into bed tonight. He looks right up into my eyes, all on his own, really looking at me super intently, and I smile at him, rub his face and tell him that he’s a good dog. I think he likes that. Helps makes him feel calm, and that everything is okay. Also had some tummy time with Coco tonight too…a term a stole from babies, yes, but meaning a different thing here. Both Coops and Coco like to lay on their backs and get their tummy’s rubbed. So, I call it “tummy time.”

I guess I’m thinking about the two pups because I took them on both their walks today. That actually hasn’t happened in a few days, so that was cool. Listened to some music on the walk, then the beginning of the A’s game. We traded away Scott Kazmir yesterday, the first of several to come, I’m afraid…and watching or listening to the games just feels different now. The season is over, we’re throwing in the towel…I expect them to lose now. It sucks. It’s what everyone said was going to happen when Beane made all those trades in the offseason. Dismantling a team that had made it to the playoffs for three years in a row…

Liz hung out with K-Bear tonight while I did the last leg of my work day. It went pretty smooth today. Not perfect, I did lag in the afternoon for a bit, but nothing too crazy. I knew I could, because I had a bunch of math lessons to do. I knew I could make the time up. I watched a bunch of DS9, too. I’m already half way through the 6th season. It’s a bunch of episodes that I still remember clearly watching last year, so I don’t really engage with them quite so much. It’s weird, since they’re actually episodes I watched BEFORE I went back and watched the first few seasons…I should remember them less than those ones, but I don’t. These are still fresh in my mind, and therefore not as interesting to re-watch. Makes me worry about watching Voyager…but, we’ll see. Enterprise will be a trip, for sure. I’ll bet you I’ll be much more lenient on it than I was the first time I watched through it a couple years ago because I’m not paying close attention.

Anyway, time for bed. It’s time for the sleeps.