Day 636: Peachy

Day 636: Peachy

I feel very calm tonight. Very satisfied. I can’t tell you exactly why…I’m not quite sure. It wasn’t a particularly incredible day…a quite nice one, to be sure, but nothing that’s super out of the ordinary. Maybe that’s why I feel so pleasant tonight; it was just a very nice, normal Sunday.

The first thing the Ho and I did together was drive down the street to the Arclight and watch Pixels, which was absolutely dreadful. Almost no redeeming qualities…except for the premise, amazingly enough. But, a premise does not a movie make, you have to *execute*…and this movie didn’t do any of that. Jokes weren’t funny, plot didn’t make sense, no chemistry amongst our leads…and it was downright insulting in several ways. Particularly to women.

But, the Ho and I still had fun tearing the movie to shreads together, and we went home and ate some lunch, watched some of the A’s game, which we lost. Lol…it sounds like such a downer of a morning, but it really wasn’t 😛 The A’s are crap this season. It happens. I’m over that, actually. Or maybe I *got* over it when Joe and I podcasted and laid out all our negativity into that recording. Shed it like old skin, and walked out from the session looking sparkling and new, unburdened by the flaming tailspin that is the A’s franchise.

Before that happened, though, Liz laid down for a nap and I sat next to her and read a pilot I’d promised a fellow writer I’d read. Burned through that, podcasted, then ate some dinner together and I watched The Kingsman, which was much more entertaining than the earlier film fare. Not a perfect movie, mind you, but VERY entertaining.

I capped off the day “off” by writing my email response to the pilot author, which he hopefully finds useful in his process, and then took care of the pups for their nighttime routine. And  now, here I am, it’s almost 12:30 which means I should be getting to sleep right on time…and I’m just a week and a half away from absolutely CRUSHING the month of July work-wise. Seriously…crushing that shit. By far the most work I have done in a single month EVER. Including last year when I was working my butt off after taking care of my mom up in the bay.

Then, it’s another three weeks of bad ass workitude, and I’ll be taking a little vacation. A vacation and then a third of the year left to really kick some ass on writing and getting my foot into the door *somewhere*. With some savings in the bank to keep us going while I’m at it.

Phew! It’s a lot. I know.

Tonight, though, I just feel pretty damned content and happy. It was one of those days. Good night, y’all, sleep tight, and I’ll see you on the flip!