Day 638: From the bay

Day 638: From the bay

We have visitors today from the bay. Phil and Kiel are down and they’re FINALLY taking us up on staying in our “guest room.” We don’t get to see those two often enough, so it’s a huge treat.

We went out and got some food and talked about puberty. How specifically that came up, I have no idea, but it did and we talked about it in all its awkward glory. We also shared what each of us have been up to…got a burger that was raw in the middle, which led to a free dessert. Can’t argue with that shit. I remember doing that for my tables all the time if something had gone wrong during the meal; get ’em a free dessert and have the leave with a sweet taste in their mouths, not remembering what had fouled up along the way. It’s just good business, so kudos to this establishment for a well-run ship from someone who worked in a restaurant for many years 😛

I worked today – didn’t get quite as much done as was my full goal since we had company come in, but I still did damn well. I have Wednesday and Thursday to kind of recover that lost time, hopefully without burning myself out, and then Friday is my last work day for the month. How crazy is that shit! It’ll be three months down and one to go on this crazy-ass work binge that I bit off for myself back in May. The day I sat down with my spreadsheet and fiddled with my calendar and figured out how much I could put into my savings if I “just add this much work here and here.”

Anyway…there’s plenty of work left to do, so not to much retrospecting right now. Don’t count them damn chickens before they hatch. Hatch them through hard work…then count them.

So, we had dinner, then we came home and all hung out for a bit and talked. Then, we put on the pilot for the new USA series which I’d been hearing good things about from certain writers on ze Twitterz…Mr. Robot. It was great. I want to read the pilot. It was dope. Excited to watch the show now, in fact. See where it goes.

So yeah…tomorrow is writing and editing, though not a full day of it. Thursday will be more of the same, plus playing some golfies with Josh…then a work day to finish off the month, and two off days before diving right back in to kick ass with editing once again…and a second draft of this pilot.

GOALS, BITCHES…they’re soul food for me. Gotta have them.

That’s all for tonight. See you on the flip!