Day 639: Body Type

Day 639: Body Type

Cool summer art tonight from Col Price.

I was a bit of an off-day zombie today 😛 I didn’t get anything done. I ate donuts. I took a majorly passed out 2-hour nap. It was one of dem days, yo.

I’m being sucked into listening to music right now as I write this. I found a butt load of new music this week…seriously, more music than probably the previous three months combined. It was a combination of some playlists I like all hitting at once, and this new feature where a Spotify algorithm creates a personalized selection of “you should like this music based on what you’ve liked in the past”…which sounds super lame, right? Well, it was AWESOME. And so surprising. An algorithm nailed my musical taste, for the most part. And not just a regurgitation of artists I liked…no, it was almost completely new stuff I’d literally never heard of before. So, victory for the robots.

We had breakfast with Phil and then walked around this antique mall that’s been down the street from us forever, but we’ve never actually walked in there. It was really fun…some people think their old shit is worth so much freaking money. That’s my overall impression of antiques 😛 That they mostly have sentimental value as opposed to put-it-on-a-store-shelf-because-people-will-pay-for-that-shit value. Items had been sitting for a while, and it was obvious why when you looked at the price tag is all I’m sayin.

The Ho and I are now all caught up on True Detective, which is *slightly* more interesting now…but still nowhere as compelling as that first season was. Still way too much going on that just doesn’t have the proper justification…so scenes that acted super emotionally, or written super fancy…but the foundation to care about what is happening was never laid, and so I don’t give a shit. I’m just annoyed.

In other news: writing is fucking hard, yo. Even for the pros. Or the prose. See what I did there?

I have to cut this one short. It’s time for the sleeps, and I still have to figure out my sked tomorrow. Editing is happening. It’s worth it, guys. It’s the end of the month, and I’m taking a odd day off on Saturday, so it shouldn’t fuck me over for the start of August. August is going to be a motherfucker…it’s REALLY going to take some laser focus when I’m sitting at this computer, because there are a ton of “extracirriculars” which are a challenge for me. But, I can do it. Right, guys? Right.

I’m also going to fall short of the write-a-pilot-in-6-weeks goal I had…but that’s also okay. In fact, I’m pretty sure the person who said I need to be able to write a script in 6 weeks was completely and totally talking about an episode of an existing show with an established world and characters, not a ground-up pilot. So…I’ll be able to write it in 8 weeks. Pretty fucking good, if I do say so myself. Then, another pilot…and another NOVEL 🙂 That shit is HAPPENING. I can’t wait.

Okay, see…this is what happens when I listen to music. I get all worked up instead of wound down…it occurs to me I need to write a list of all my project ideas and then use that like a checklist, mark ’em off as I go and try to get each of them into a rough draft, at least. I just have so many ideas…seriously. Unwritten, they’re a waste, right? Maybe I should turn some of them into short stories…so that way there’s no pressure to have them be polished scripts, but they’re still written out at least…it’s an idea.

In closing, shhhh…don’t tell your mother; take me down into your paradise, don’t be scared I’m your body type, just something that we wanna try, cuz you and I? We’re cool for the summer…