Day 644: Arghhh

Day 644: Arghhh

Cool artwork tonight from John Harris. I for sure recommend viewing it from my tumblr page so you can get the full-sized view of it 😉

The title pretty much sums up today…and now it’s a bit too late to really go in depth about my day 😛

Suffice it to say, not a drop of editing work was done, I took a MASSIVE dead to the world two hour nap, and tomorrow is going to be better. Gangbusters!

Liz and I *did* watch this really cool documentary on the “death” of Atari and how the E.T. game figured into that (not as heavly as is believed).

Oh, and I got an Apple Watch. Teeheee 🙂 I love it already. There’s more on today if you mozy on over to my youtube channel. Captain’s Vlog Supplemental from today there with footage of how the day went. See…I’m providing voyeuristic opportunities where no demand actually exists. Ahead of the curve, y’all! Ahead of the curve!

See you tomorrow 😉