Day 645: Yesssssss

Day 645: Yesssssss

Artwork today from Bob Eggleton, a piece I believe I’ve actually posted before…but it’s still awesome.

Editing day; accomplished. Feels good, yo. Back on track. Back in rhythm. I ended my night about 45 minutes “late,” which all things considering is pretty damn good after falling off the goddamn wagon and missing a day yesterday. Ugh. But, not today. Today was rockstar status.

It’s already 1am…time for the sleeps. I’m doing these vlogs for the month of August, and the Ho right now is watching vlogs from last year…it’s really cool to have videos like that, I must say. I remember those days because of those videos, you know? The other days kind of slip into the past, even with writing these entries every day…but when I can SEE those days, it just makes a difference. It’s much more viceral. Plus, the months I decide to do these stretches of vlogging are always very eventful months. I choose them that way purposefully…otherwise it would literally be video entries of me sitting at my desk working all the time 😛

I’ve been watching the Blue Jays play lately because I think they’re a very exciting team to watch…and by “exciting” I really mean “jealousy-ridden” in that deep down I could give two shits who wins the world series if it’s not the green and gold. That’s true. My heart beat only quickens for the A’s…I mean that literally. It will be a game in the middle of the season that doesn’t mean SHIT…and if the A’s have RISP, my heartrate goes up. I know…I have a problem.

But, hey! At least I’ve come to terms with my team being shit this year. Really, I have. There’s no hope left, so all that’s left is to see what we might have in store for next year. But, the Blue Jays…they’re hoping to put together a crazy ass run into the playoffs…and right now they’re doing it…so that’s fun.

I’m also in the final 9-episode arc for Deep Space Nine. For the second time in 18 months. It’s definitely a little too soon on some of the filler episodes, but now that I’m in the home stretch, it’s kinda melancholy and sad all over again. Such a good show.

Time for bed. More tomorrow from up north in the Bay…and then on Thursday we FINALLY GET TO GO TO BARK AT THE PARK. It’s gonna be GLORIOUS. Let the fun month of 2015 begin!