Day 646: Road Trippin

Day 646: Road Trippin

Artwork tonight from Peter Ellenshaw.

We drove up to the Bay Area today. We’re up for a couple days to go see an A’s game with our dogs…yes, you read that correctly, with OUR DOGS. How fukkin’ cool is that? Pretty cool. They’re going to walk on the outfield grass, which I’ve never even done before at the Coliseum…they get a sweet little swag bag, and they each get their own seat in our special section with fellow pup owners. It’s going to be a BLAST 🙂

So, we’re in the bay for that. It was a loooooong drive today because of stupid construction on the 5. Went down to one lane, ended up costing us about an hour, all-told. Usually, we can make the trip (with one major stop for restrooms and some food) in about 5 and a half hours. Today, it took almost 7 hours.

But…we made it, and it’s freaking GORGEOUS up here. Mid 70s…a nice breeze on the nighttime walk…holy bejesus, so nice. Air is clean. It’s so much nicer than LA. I’m more and more accutely aware of that as time goes on. Love it up here.

Coco right now is straddling my legs, my shins to be more precise, and she just gave a big sigh and snuggled her head further into me. Ugh. So freaking sweet, that one. She really is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, so is Coops, but Coops is also his own man. He’s not as much of a snuggler as Coco is. And I love me a snuggler, you feel me?

Filming footage of the road trip was fun today. Very much enjoying the daily vlogging. I know I’ve said that a few times already this month, and the question might rightly be asked: well, you obviously enjoy it a lot, why not do it every day? Not just for a month?

…the answer to that is (still) that it just takes TIME. Not a lot, mind you, but enough. And effort and thought during the day, you know? If I’m documenting my day, I have to consciously be thinking “oh! I should film this.” I’m not sure if I’m really down to do that long-term…BUT…I totally reserve the right to change my mind because I really, really love watching the videos and remembering those times so vividly. It’s really wondeful.

Continue to love my Apple Watch. So much more convenient in the car than pulling my phone out all the time. We listened to the A’s get beat on a 10th inning grand slam by the Orioles. It was off Arnold Leon…not sure he’s big-league material, unfortunately, but hey…our entire bullpen isn’t necessarily big-league material. Sad, but true. What a huge, gaping hole that needs to be filled. I hope Billy can do it, man. They torpedoed our entire season. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, continue to be red-hot. I hope those little Canadian fucks win 22 games this month. Down with the Yankees! 🙂

That’s about all I got for you. Going to sleeeeeeeep…man, am I going to sleep. Being up here at Liz’s parents house…my in-laws (so weird to say that!)…it’s one of the few places we visit where Liz always seems to get up earlier than me. We’ll see if that happens tomorrow, or if both of us lazy asses sleep in late…sweet baby jesus knows we’ve deserved it after today 🙂