Day 647: When we barked at the park

Day 647: When we barked at the park

Tonight’s badass dramatic art is uncredited.

Today was so much fun. It was a dog-centric day all day…we did indeed sleep in, which was sumptuous…walked the pups, ate some delicious breakfast together, did a little bit of work…

..and then it was all pups all the time. We washed both Coops and Coco (ps- they are SO FREAKING SOFT RIGHT NOW I CAN’T HANDLE IT), let the dry then took some photos in their A’s regalia for the instagrammies. Fed them, and then bam, it was already time to head out to Oakland for registration.

Got there and were immediately greeted by hundreds of other dog owners…we stood in line for way too long to get in, but once we were in, we checked out the swag tables and then lined up again to go down onto the field. That line was much nicer, we all kinda just sat down with our dogs till they opened up the gate, and then I was down on the field for the first time in my life. It was super cool, and both Coops and Coco did SO GOOD with all the other dogs around! We were both afraid that Coops was going to be testy with the other larger dogs around, but he was super cool. He only snarled once when a younger lab got up in his face for too long.

After the pup parade, we found our seats…the dogs had their own two seats, how cool is that…and we sat down to watch the game. Actually, I went first to go find food (that was a bit of an adventure…all the upper level concessions were closed, which I didn’t realize until going almost half way around the stadium)…got some delicious nachos with spicy chicken and beans on them…and THEN sat down to watch the game.

It was a pretty good game, actually, except for the part where we ended up losing. Our bullpen, man…anyway, we had the lead, blew it, were down 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th and tied it up…then lost in the 10th on a 2-out hit. Not surprised; our bullpen is just completely fucking worthless this year. 22 losses…TWENTY-TWO. That’s crazy. And a 4.41 ERA to boot. Not good.

But, today wasn’t so much about winning the game as it was amazing to have Cooper sitting on my lap in the stadium to watch it with me. We had a GORGEOUS sunset…which was also when it randomly decided to start raining. It didn’t rain too hard, and we’d brought towels for the pups to keep them warm, which in turn kept US warm…had some hot cocoa that really hit the spot…it was just a really fun time.

Anywho…more tomorrow. We get to see Suga Ryry. And go check out the video blogs over on YouTube! They’re fun 🙂