Day 648: Over the bridge

Day 648: Over the bridge

Artwork tonight from Syd Mead. So groovey…right?

We spent the majority of our day today across the Golden Gate over in Marin county today.

It was up fairly early, vacay time, to pile into the car with the Ho and the pups to head up north to see Elle in Mill Valley, who was watching the dogs for us with her own Shih Tzu Ozzie while we went a little further up to San Rafael to see Ryan and Lisa.

They dropped the (awesome) bombshell news that they’d moved in together, officially, and we had some badass Puerto Rican food. For reals…it was freaking delicious. I had this breakfast sammy-type thing with eggs and ham on a baguette with beans and rice and this RIDICULOUS hot sauce that was all spicy and vinegar-y…it was seriously awesome brunch food.

Oh! And THIS also happened: I sat down after order my food, and realized that my ring was not on my finger. Which was a big “uh-oh” since I didn’t take it off at any point since leaving the house…ie- that shit slipped off without me realizing. Well, I’d gone to the bathroom, so I checked on the floor in there with no luck…retraced my steps along the sidewalk with no luck…and checked out the car with no luck…then, on a whim, I figured I should check out the bathroom one more time and go through the trash in there, just to be safe. I got to the very bottom of the little paper-towel trash pile and kinda tossed it back inside with disappointment when I heard a “ting!” sound. Dug down again, and sure enough, THERE WAS MY MOTHERFUCKING RING. I’d washed my hands and tossed my used paper towel into the little bin, and my ring had flung off down inside with it. Smh…I almost yelped for joy when I actually found it.

I got lucky. Crisis averted today, but barely. I need to be waaaaay more careful when I’m washing my hands. I take it off when I’m in the shower now, since it slipped off once while I was in there…see, it’s completely solidly on my finger when they’re dry. For reals, I can shake my hand and it’s not going anywhere…but when my fingers get lathered up? It can obviously slip off more easily than I realize. So, that was a wake-up call. Thankfully not a painful one.

Then we walked around San Rafael for a little while with Ryry and Lisa, found some cool shops, and just kinda enjoyed each others’ company. Then, the Ho and I were off back down to Mill Valley where we hung out with Elle and Ozzy for a little while.

Man…and there was some excitement down there, too. While we were hanging out and talking, Ozzy actually took off down the street because this one yard gate, which is NEVER open and was totally randomly left open by the UPS guy (bc there was a UPS package down right next to the open gate). Well, there was a woman passing by who’d just seen Ozzy and pointed poor Elle in the right direction, and I took off to help in time to see Ozzy tear out from a neighbor’s yard after her down the street…she was able to snag him a minute or so later, but it was quite the scare. Lots of cars on her street. But, again…crisis averted.

We also took off with her phone by accident when we piled the pups back into our car to head home to hang with the in-laws for dinner. We had to turn around and drive it back to her, which actually wasn’t that big of a deal at all. We hadn’t got very far when it made noises in the Ho’s purse and she found it.

Then, it was just enough time to feed the dogs and take a tiny little rest for about 10 minutes, and we were off to Sushi Sam’s for dinner. Seriously…some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. It was expensive as fuck, but we did the Omakase (Chef’s Choice) and it was insaaaaannneeee. So good. Then home, walked the dogs, and I whiled away the end of the evening watching the A’s and Sonny Gray beat the Astros while Liz did some voice over work.

All in all, a very busy, very fun day. More to come tomorrow!