Day 651: Back to the grind

Day 651: Back to the grind

It was a pretty normal work day today. Got it done, just slightly shy of my daily goal by 2 minutes. I’ll make it up tomorrow with some even better focus…one of *those* days.  The kind of days I’ve been having all year…but, hey. I’m not sweating it; they’re obviously the norm, so embrace the normal! It’s who I am most of the time!

Kerry is here, which is awesome. She’s like family at this point, for reals. That’s what it feels like when she visits. So easy to hang with. They were watching Richard Pryor tonight, he was on Encore with his 1982 show, the one that was supposed to be his “last.”

Crap…I just remember I have one last thing to do tonight. We’ll cut this one short so I can go do it.

Also got a stand and a couple cheap bands for my watch ordered. We’ll see how those work out…took care of Liz’s anniversary gift as well. Excited to see how those turn out.

That’s it for tonight, more of the same tomorrow. Work work work! 🙂