Day 652: What you leave behind

Day 652: What you leave behind

It was the end of Deep Space Nine today. Not *quite* as sentimental as it was watching it a year and a half ago, just because that’s a pretty quick turnaround, but it was still pretty melancholy. See, one of the things that was so moving about the TNG finale “All Good Things” was how the show ended with the crew still together, still out exploring the final frontier…still on their adventure.

“What you leave behind,” however, is moving for exactly the opposite reason; these people are all going their separate ways. An era is ending, just like the show itself, and that moment reminds me of the bittersweetness of change. Nothing ever lasts forever, so enjoy the times that you have with the ones you enjoy having them with. Groups of friends, family, apartments, houses, projects…they all change…none of them last forever.

It makes me think, actually, of Jon Stewart, and how he said he really had to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t ever going to have that group of people together again…no project would ever be the same again. That is an aspect of life.

I know that sounds a bit morbid, but it really isn’t. It’s just what we learn life really is. Every end is a new beginning…that’s the sweet part of “bittersweet.” Even in “What you leave behind,” they’re setting up everyone’s new adventures; who’s staying, who’s going, what they’re looking forward to…it was an excellent end to a show that was, at times, the best that Trek ever had to offer. It really picks up in seasons 3 and 4, *kills* it in 5, and continues excellence in 6 and most of season 7.

For me, in my day-to-day, it was a parallel. I ended Deep Space Nine, and I began the pilot episode of Voyager. Honestly…I was feeling a little Trek fatigue. Especially since I just watched the show start to finish last year. But, as soon as the characters popped on screen and the theme music started playing, I knew it was another “home” for me. Even an imperfect show…and that’s the perfect stuff for me to have on in the bg while working.

These are days I will look back on once they’ve changed, and remember how good it was. Working from home, watching Star Trek all day, rubbing my dogs bellies, laughing with Liz as we yell jokes across the apartment and make up song lyrics together, having Kerry come visit from Vegas. These are good days, days I won’t forget, and day I will miss when they’re gone…when I’m on some other adventure in another chapter of my life. That’s how life goes. Nothing stays the same for long. Cherish what I have while I have it, and then move on to the next adventure.

See you guys tomorrow.