Day 656: Solid as a poo

Day 656: Solid as a poo

Today was SOLID.

It was about as rockstar of a work day as one can get when one has literally been working as much as he can physically and mentally tolerate for four solid months now.

Got my shit done, yo. Took me all day, and I *didn’t* do it with an hourly schedule to measure goals vs actual work accomplished…but it still worked. I just kept my head down for the most part and plowed ahead. I have a little bit to get done tomorrow, and a couple extra hours to fit in over the next week…which will be FOUR work days in a row…that’s going to be difficult. BUT…doable. I will be fucking kentucky fried at 10pm on that last day…but I can do it.

I watched a ton of Voyager today. All day almost. There was some baseball watching mixed in there too…but mostly it was Voyager. The first season is rough, guys…just like the first seasons of TNG and DS9…but I almost instantly feel home on that show, too. Just like the others. It’s true, it’s not a show that ever flies quite as high as its predecessors…but it’s still family.

Anywho…it’s bed time. iPad is also currently at less than 10%, but it’s after 1:30. A familiar refrain this week. It’s just that we both like hanging with Kerry, and that usually happens after everything is done for the day…ie- late. So nice to have her around. I think she’s leaving monday, and that makes me sad 🙁

But, no sadness at the end of the day! It was a good one! See you tomorrow 😉