Day 658: Fail whale

Day 658: Fail whale

Ugh. I hate these days. I hate that I have about two of them a month…pretty consistently, too. It sucks. The one consolation is that they usually seem to be a wake up call and my work days thereafter are pretty solid.

Today’s, I suppose, wasn’t a complete disaster given that I got about a half day’s work in…but I’m down to crunch time here. There was no room for error. I’m afraid those undone minutes won’t be coming back…we’ll see. Maybe a miracle will happen and there will be some Excel lessons posted and those will save me. I doubt it, but it’s always possible 😛

Kerry left today too, which was sad. It was so nice having her in town. Kinda felt like college, actually, and having a cool roommate. Different than that, sure…but very similar. She texted us she got home safely.

It was cooler today than it’s been. That was nice. I got a little baby nap in. I watched the old Hitchcock movie Torn Curtain, which was soooo much fun. It’s not even really that good of a movie for him, but I freaking loved it. Even his bad movies are entertaining and charming as fuck.

Anywho, that’s about all I have in me tonight. Disappointed with my work ethic, disappointed I’ve strayed so much with my writing…really looking for a great work day. And that’s going to happen tomorrow. Today started out so great…but, there’s no sense dwelling on it now. Tomorrow is a new day. Imma carpe that mothaeffin diem, ya dig?