Day 672: Is it cole? ...or coal? It's probably coal...damnit

Day 672: Is it cole? …or coal? It’s probably coal…damnit

That moment when you catch a typo on your blog…and it was in the bloody title…sigh. This is what happens folks when you don’t proofread your journal entries. THIS.

Today was waking up at the butt-crack…okay, so 7:30…but for lazy fucks like the Ho and I, that eeeaaarrrrllllyyyyyy. Hung out on the car ride with Madhuri (she’s so cool), took a jet plane up to Oregon, and now here I lay in bed in Portland.

It’s so nice up here. For reals. Super charming. Super pretty. We ate super good food as recommended by Julianne Ho.

The flight was easy peasy, we ate some kind of nasty apple-cider pretzel and nut combo thing…well, I ate mine. Liz did not. She thought they were nasty. So did I…but I was also hungry. Do what you gotta do, you know?

We landed and met Liz’s parents who (hopefully) hadn’t been waiting long for our plane to land, then we all traipsed over to the rental car lot and got ourselves a fancy Ford Fusion and we were off to drop our bags off at the hotel.

So, the hotel…it’s this SUPER early 2000s-looking place with bright colors and exposed metal I-beams…think Starbucks back in the day all over the place. We couldn’t check in yet, though, which was fine because we was hungry anyway. So, we walked over to the little adjacent shopping center and got some little petite burgers that were actually *perfect* since we were eating in a couple hours. They were delish.

We went back to the hotel motel holiday inn and hung out with J, who’d finished running her errands, made her open her present, and then took a very quick little nap before heading off down to dinner. Dinner was a hike to the more downtown area. Food and drinkypoos galore there. Then the Ho and I went back to the hotel room early to do something special surprisey for J at her graduation tomorrow, and then we hung out for a while in our room while I checked out some baseball stuff and Liz read.

We had considered going out to some bars with J, but she was tired just like we were, and so we decided to just hang out down in the hotel lobby for a while and chat over hot Cocos and apple cider.

Now, we’re in bed, and very tired. More tomorrow from fun Portland-town! 🙂