Day 676: Chicagoland Day 2

Artwork tonight is from Roger Dean.

It’s 2:01am right now here in Chicago, so I need to keep this one brief. We did a lot again today – went to Scott’s PT, his last one, then got some coffee at Intelligencia and walked over to Grant Park/Millenium Park and saw the bean, walked around and over to the kids’ park (which is so freaking awesome), and walked over to the planetarium which has RIDICULOUS views of the skyline.

Then we took a bus back into downtown and ate deep dish pizza at Lou-something’s…and it was delicious! After that, we went over to Scott’s campus again and printed out our tickets for Second City, and then went to this Tiki Lounge in downtown that was also awesome. Such good cocktails, it was in a basement with an alley entrance…it was awesome. A couple of Scott’s friends met us there, they were super cool.

Then we were off up towards Old Town, which is where the Second City complex is all set up. And I mean COMPLEX. It was four stories, classrooms all over the place, and a huge main stage with a full bar and wait staff…it was impressive. Nothing like that exists in LA. The show was very funny, I was pleasantly impressed, and then we came home.

Oh, shit, and on the train! There was this young-ish guy, probably in his late 20s with a praying mantis on his hand that was freaking everybody out. He had a hat on it with a purple heart and airforce pins…Scott said he saw some sort of weapon like a knife in his boot…and he was being very edgy. Like, the impression I definitely got was that he was looking to provoke someone, and he was saying super PSD stuff like “sometimes I wish all the humans died and the insects took over the earth” and “we should send all the black people back to Africa”…within earshot of a couple black dudes. It was not cool. I feel like I witnessed a genuine Chicago moment, though, so there’s that. It’s real, guys!

Anywho, poor Scott is totally letting me keep this light on while he’s falling asleep, so we’re cutting this shit right here. More tomorrow from our nation’s “second” city.