Day 677: Chicagoland Day 3

Day 677: Chicagoland Day 3

Artwork tonight from David Schleinkofer.

Maybe I’ll eat a granola bar…

That’s what I just said to my brother because we were both confessing that we’re pretty effin tired right now. We walked about another 14 miles today. Liz called it the “Scott’s walking tour of Chicago” and that’s just about perfect of a description. It’s pretty much what we’ve done. Walked and just talked while seeing the sights that the second city has to offer.

Oh, shit, speaking of Second City! That building I took footage in last night was on fire this afternoon! Like, it devestated their office building, which was the one next door to the theater. Thankfully nothing of the theater space was burned, which is a minor miracle given how close together these buildings are…a good portion of them are actually touching each other, actually. Anyway…crazy right? We were just there. In fact, we SAW the smoke today because we were down the street from it exploring another area. Had no idea at the time it was Second City on fire.

So yeah…we walked around Wicker Park, which was where Scott and Addie used to live. Kind of did a nostalgia tour and got coffee at his old favorite coffee shop. Walked around and went behind his old building, which is where their room was. It was cool. Such a nice area. And once you get maybe one or two blocks away from the main thoroughfare, it’s super nice houses and townhomes. So cool. Trees lining the sidewalks, people out walking their dogs. Very homey.

Then we went back towards their area again and snagged some DELICIOUS food at the Costa Rican restaurant that he used to go to. Sooooo gooooood. Their steak tacos were ridiculous.

After recharging our batteries, we hiked over to this thing called the “606,” which sounds like it’s a lot like the “Highline” in New York city: repurposed train tracks turned into a bike/walking path with plants and awesomeness. Sorta raised up from the street, even going over the streets when it crosses them.

We talked about family, college, growing up, gentrification, musculature and posture and exercise…all kinds of stuff.

Right now I’m playing a couple songs on the iPad that I think Scott might like while he plays Clash of Clans on his own iPad.

Right, back to our day – so we took the red line back home after that, it was just getting dark, and we stopped by a Red Box and we decided to watch Ex Machina. I’ve seen it already, obviously, but I knew it was good and Scott wanted to watch something good. He’s decided he likes indies mostly, and Ex Machine is about as indie as you can be. Anyway, after we watched it and talked for a bit about artificial intelligence, I FaceTimed with Liz for her audition tomorrow, took a Benadryl for allergies, and now I’m writing this thing almost falling asleep.

Tomorrow is my last day here…sad face. Love my brother. Love talking to him. Love spending time with him. It’s been a bad ass trip so far. Looking forward to tomorrow!