Day 678: Chicagoland Day 4

Day 678: Chicagoland Day 4

Artwork tonight is from Vincent di Fate.

The Coco is alll over my business tonight. The Ho brought both the pups in the car to pick me up tonight, and Coco was especially excited to see me. She never licks my face, and she did a ton when I sat down and said hi, and she started rubbing her face all over me. Coops was very happy to see me too and also gave me a tongue bath, but he just seemed more overwhelmed at first whereas Coco was immediately super happy. Anyway…she’s lying on top of me right now.

Today was an abbreviated day in Chicago. Scott and I relegated our patented walking regimen to strolling along the lakeshore, which was epicly beautiful. Then we got sammy’s at his nearby grocery store, which we’d actually TRIED to go to the first night I arrived, but we missed it to closing time by like 5 minute. Sandwhiches were amazing…ate them back at Scott’s apartment, and he showed me some pictures on his iPad from their adventures this summer.

Then, all too soon, it was time to drive to the airport and for me to fly my way home.

It was an amazing trip. For reals. I think the last time Scott and I got to spend that much time together was back in 2012 when we drove up for Grandma’s birthday and had a two-day road trip together basically. I’d just bought my new car…he was about ready to graduate that June, I believe…we decided to be each other’s acountabilibuddy because we each had a long list of shit we needed to get done…so that was 3 years ago. A lot has happened since then…made it even more cool to catch up together and spend quality time together. We each genuinely wished our respective significant others could be there, it would have been so much fun, but it was also awesome to have so much brother time together.

My flights were fairly uneventful. I was a super high number in the boarding order for my flight out of midway, so I genuinely thought I’d be stuck in a middle seat (Southwest doesn’t do assigned seating, you know)…but by some genius stroke of luck, someone right in the front of the plane had switched seats just before I walked on, and I was able to get an aisle seat in the very front row. How crazy is that shit?! Crazy. And then I was a sweet low number on the next leg of my flight from Phoenix to Burbank.

After getting picked up at the airport, we came home and Matt King came by to watch his TV show Steampunk’d again, and he brought BCD Tofu house and after the episode regailed us with the progress he’s making on his latest projects. Some really REALLY cool stuff. It was fun to hang out with him.

That’s the news that’s fit to report. I’m suuuuuper tired, and my eyes are on fire, which means something out here is blooming and making them go cray…but it’s so wonderful to be home. Tomorrow…I’m crashing. It shall be glorious.

See you on the flip!