Day 679: The long sleep

Day 679: The long sleep

I did so much sleeping today…

I slept in. I took a long nap. I’m going to bed on time…I was tired, yo! August has been a crazy month, y’all. Crazy in a great way, for sure, but still cray.

Despite the tiredness and the sleeping today, I actually feel like I’m recovering quite well. I have a weird work week after another day off tomorrow, but it shouldn’t be too crazy. There are some rest days in there that should be awesome sauce.

Anyway, back to today. I slept in till 10:30, which is 12:30 in Chicago time, so that was freaking awesome. I did some apartment stuff, and then ate some breakfast, followed by doing some grocery shopping. I’m set up for the rest of the month, food-wise, and then I did some video sendback stuff. Didn’t take as long as I was afraid it would, less than an hour, which is awesome since that meant each of the 11 sendbacks were about 5 minutes a piece. Not too shabby!

Ate some lunch, and then took that afore-mentioned long nap. I was OUT. Which is what I usually say on such lazy days…but it continues to be true. I mean, I slept until I woke up and then I got up. Solid.

I walked the dogs after watching a bit of the A’s game, which they ended up losing, but that didn’t happen until later in the evening. I listened to it on the walk, which I started at almost 8pm since it was so freaking hot today. 100 degrees. Jesus. Still super hot for the poor pups and their furry coats, so we did the morning loop instead of the full nighttime loop. It’s supposed to cool down on Monday, but it will be hot again tomorrow.

They had blocked off Colbath on the other south side of Moorpark while we were walking for a film shoot that’s going on right now, actually. Their posting said they were supposed to be finished at 3am. It’s for the new Stamos comedy “Grandfathered”…I actually didn’t realize it until I was smack-dab in the middle of everything, but I think I walked directly through their “set.” I don’t mean with them rolling or anything, I just mean directly through the middle of the director, actors, and the producers. Whoops.

Then, the Ho and I watched Into the Storm which was *precisely* as terrible as we thought it would be…ie- we laughed our butts off making fun of it, and had a wonderful time. We’d had it saved on the DVR since, like, May, so I’m glad we finally watched it. I can add it to my movie list, which is currently woefully behind…hopefully I can make up some ground with my new work schedule, which I’m definitely looking forward to. Two days on, two days off. Simple as that for the rest of the year.

Okay, that’s all for tonight. More tomorrow, which is probably more of the same 😛 I want to watch a couple movies tomorrow on the DVR…a new one and an old one, I think. We’ll see how the mood strikes my fancy. And those are about the only plans I have 😛 Sounds delightful.