Day 687: Of Laziness and Eve's

Day 687: Of Laziness and Eve’s

The laziness was out of control today…I took no less than TWO naps…and I still feel tired. See, that’s what happens when one takes a “staycation”…naps. Naps, naps, naps. I love them, and I hate them. They’re so indulgent, but then they also suck away time and energy.

I’m writing this after midnight, which means that it is currently our anniversary. One year ago, we were putting ourselves to bed in Maui knowing that by the same time the next day, we’d be husband and wife. SO WEIRD. Still weird…but now that I reflect, it’s actually getting less weird. I’ve said “wife” several times now in the past year, and it’s starting to feel normal.

So really, this is our anniversary eve. I have my gifts and card all ready for tomorrow. I think we’re going to crack a bottle of champagne…it’s all going to be glorious. Santa Barbara is going to be soooo much fun next week…this El Encanto place is so freaking nice. It’s not somewhere we can really afford that often, but when we do go, it’s the *best*. Five shiny stars.

I watched the rest of Fellowship first thing in the morning with breakfast. The scene with Boromir trying to take the ring, feeling ashamed, and then dying saving Merry and Pippin made me tear up a bit, as did Frodo and Sam leaving. The justifications for why all of that needed to happen were so, so well done. In the book, obviously, and in the movies.

Then I watched a little baseball, which I love so much. I love morning baseball the most for some reason. Not really sure why, I just do. I also watched this movie I’d recieved from Netflix a couple weeks ago, actually – it’s this totally random movie from the 70s called Time after Time, where HG Wells travels to the future after a friend of his who stole his time machine who just happens to also be Jack the Ripper. I know! It sounds amazing, right?! Well, “amazing” wouldn’t be the exact word I’d use to describe it, but it was definitely a fun throw-back kind of movie. I’d seen it so randomly one day, back in college I think, on one of the premium channels…I saw like about ten minutes of the opening half hour, or so…and I was like “hey, that looks fun.” Then I forgot about it forever…and then I *think* it’s that I found out that it’s actually Nicholas Meyer’s debut film as a director, and I was like “That’s that movie I saw for a hot second that one day!” and I put it on my queue. So, yeah, that was fun. Not sure how much I’d really recommend the movie in that anyone really *needs* to see it…but if you like older movies for their charm and simplicity, then this one fits the bill.

Then the Ho and I went and did some errands and ended up getting Ice Cream at this new-ish organic place down the street in an older shopping center on Ventura called Local Ice. It was deeelicious…the Ho and I also watched some of Hannibal today, finally. Season Three, the last season. I dig it. Not sure I like what they’re doing with Alana Bloom, but I think it’s already far more fun and interesting than last season. We’ll see what happens. It is their last hurrah.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow we’re going over to see the Kings at their place and having some barbeque. Should be fun. Oh, and happy anniversary eve to my wonderful WIFE. Luckiest man alive 😉