Day 692: Security

Day 692: Security

Pro tip for anyone living in a city of any kind: don’t leave shit in your car. Period.

See…break-ins are going to happen. They are. There’s nothing you can do about it, they *will* happen. It doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the street or down in a garage…somebody at some point is going to be peering into your windows looking for shit to steal. It’s the nature of the beast.

The ONLY control you have over that situation is to first, lock your goddamn car (duh), and second and this is actually FAR more important than the first: to never ever leave anything of value in that locked car. Ever. It can be one freaking time that you do, that ONE time…and you’ll happen to have the misfortune to be just the night that someone comes along and busts inside to grab that and probably hoc it for drug money.

I’ve had it happen to me. It sucks. It costs money. And time. And oh, the embarassment. And it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything “wrong,” nothing to DESERVE my window getting busted in…but that’s not actually the point. The person doing wrong is the fucker who busted my window, THAT’S the person who did something wrong, not ME…but the reality is that it doesn’t matter who is in the wrong. It. Doesn’t. Matter. The only thing that matters is that it DID happen, and that the only control over that situation I have is what things of mine I choose to put in danger of getting swiped. That’s it.

There’s no amount of policing that’s ever going to actually happen that will stop someone from slipping into my parking space back behind my own apartment (as was the case when this happened to me many moons ago) and busting in the back window to my shitty car. Nor are there doors that are impossible to pry open, or any group of tenants anywhere that aren’t going to leave a door ajar somewhere, allowing someone blind luck access into where they shouldn’t be. I mean…it’s just not the real world.

So, again…I have to focus on what I can do myself, since that’s the only thing I have control over. Lock my car. Don’t leave anything inside it. It works every time. Every time. A thief can’t steal something that isn’t there.

We got to hang out with Phil and Kiel today, which was awesome. They were both in town becasue of the Burbank Film Festival, which TRUE STORY, was where I think I *first* met them back after Liz had done the short “Kilo” with them in…aught 9? I think? Anywho, they were showing another short, this one called “Green Thumb” about how their kid, another true story, grew a massive pot plant in their back yard completely without their knowledge until it was a towering inferno of “are-we-paying-attention-to-our-kid?” The short definitely captured that. We went to the after party for the festival and played some shuffle board, but the board was so freaking warped it was almost impossible to play. Everything curved massively to one side. Then we went to their hotel for another round of drinks before we let the two poor parents go to bed 😛 It was awesome to see them, as usual. We love those two, for reals.

Work tomorrow, y’all. It’s probably gonna be rough, but we’ll see. It’ll be back to the normal grind, at least. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

Catch you on the flip!