Day 693: Back in action

Day 693: Back in action

Tonight’s at is from Bob Eggleton, and it’s entitled “The Anvil of Stars.”

A work day today…it wasn’t completely “normal” given that it started with a solid hours’ worth of apartment work that needed to be done, making various phone calls and sending various emails, but it was a full work day.

I didn’t finish all my work…I got about two hours behind along the way, and that’s basically how I ended up. But, the goal is to fix that tomorrow. It’s all in staying on target in the early hours. That’s the key. Plus…I *knew* I was going to struggle to keep my target today, given that it was my first day back working a regular in haul in foooorrrreeeevvveeerrrr.

Coco just completely scrunched up the blue blanket we keep down at the end of the bed into a little ball and then laid down on it like she’d created a masterpiece. I swear, she’s such a funny dog. Coops is too, don’t get me wrong – he’s a riot in his own ways…and so is Coco. She just cracks me up. I wonder if dogs can tell when we’re laughing at them. I mean, dogs definitely feel amusement; there are definitely things they do or watch purely entertainment value. But they don’t laugh…so I wonder how they interpret that. Or, maybe there’s just a bunch of stuff that we do that they chalk up to “weird human” behavior and move on, like it’s stuff they’ll never understand anyway; ie- not important.

I preordered my new iPhone tonight. $300 just like that. I should be able to recoup a good chunk of that. My current phone has a tiny little chip on the bezel of the screen and for some completely unknown reason to me I didn’t get applecare for the first time EVER…so I can’t swap it out at the apple store for a brand new one to sell…BUT…I do think I can still pull some decent money for it. $150 at least, maybe $200. We’ll see. That’s how I justify to myself upgrading my phone whenever they roll around – I can sell my previous model for some decent money, and then it’s not so bad.

That’s all for tonight. Oh! Except that I bit down and did my hour of TV writing research tonight as scheduled. Pecking away at this master list of writers and TV shows. On my next “off-day,” I’m going to put together an email template and start emailing on my off days. I’m going to start calling too, which I’m really not looking forward to, but it IS the best way to get information. It’s just something that makes me feel uncomfortable…but I’ve got to do it. I’m going to do it. It’s going to suck, but I’m gonna do it.

This research stuff does make me feel down, which is why I deliberately chose to do it AFTER my work day, as to not derail myself with negativity too early…it’s just so hard to find information on people and shows. And there’s just so much of it…and I look at these people’s credits who are doing these shows and I feel very intimidated at the prospect of reaching out to them, because they’re all very accomplished, and obviously very busy…it’s just overwhelming and very easy to get negative about and feel like nobody is going to talk to me or give me a chance.

BUT…we move forward. Right? Right. Those feeling are *precisely* why so few people ever actually reach out and do cold-calls, or just cut straight to the chase and try to talk directly to the people who are doing the hiring they’re looking for. Because it’s totally overwhelming and easy to feel down on your chances. It’s precisely why I think I have to do it, because so few others do it. It might just make me stand out in a good way, and I just need to stand out to one person in the right place to get this ball rolling. At least I hope 😛 It would suck to have to do this over and over again 😛

We’ll see.

Good night y’all. Wish me luck on my work day tomorrow, and more “TV research.” I’ll need it!