Day 697: Cute every Coco

Day 697: Cute every Coco

Fluff every fluff.

Coco is a dog who is also a loaf. The Ho just contributed that last line. She just paused to think of more lines that would line up with “Climb Every Mountain,” but that was all she got, yo.

Work day today, and I worked it out. Stayed pretty much on task. Still finished an hour and a half later than I’d hoped…but dude, I *finished*. That’s the major win right there.

I think I’m cutting this one short. I’m pretty tired tonight. It’s time for the sleeps. I did watch a lot of Voyager today – middle episodes of Season 3 and oooff….some rough ones in there. I can definitely tell that they had a new showrunner – the show is off-kilter. It doesn’t hit the ground running like DS9 did when they changed showrunners there for their 3rd season. But, like DS9, this showrunner change ends up being a good one.

Off to the dream zone. Catch you kids tomorrow!