Day 698: Boom...

Day 698: Boom…

…goes the dynamite.

Work day accomplished. And *just* in time to run up stairs and deal with a water emergency. A toilet majorly overflowed. I mean, there was quite literally a standing inch of water covering the bathroom floor. It doesn’t sound as impressive as it actually was, but that’s enough water to be pouring through the cieling down to the apartment below it.

But, hey, the timing couldn’t have been better, actually 😛 I had just finished putting the last sequence together for the day when the call came in. Could have been worse 😛

Then I helped the Ho with a pair of auditions she has tomorrow, both of which she knocked out of the park. I hope she books BOTH of them! 🙂

Tomorrow…I think I’m going to take advantage of the cooler weather and play a round of golf. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

I feel good. Very accomplished. I achieved my goal today of getting my work done ON TIME. That’s been the hurdle after figuring out how to reach my daily goals…finishing my day at 9pm instead of 11:30…it’s a big difference, let me tell you. It makes me feel really good, knowing that I got as much work done in as little time as a possibly could have. It takes focus.

Watched some more of Season 3 of Voyager today…holy Jesus there are some rouuuuuugh episodes in season 3. It’s easily their worst season…but the good news is that I’m now in, like, the last four episodes or so before the season finale and it all starts to take off from there. Almost half way done with the show! Crazy how fast the episodes go by these days as I’m working so much. It’s music in the morning, Trek in the afternoons, baseball in the early evenings, and then more Trek to finish up the work day. It’s a nice set up 🙂

Writing happens tomorrow, too. I haven’t been as dedicated to that recently…but everything kind of got put on hold while I’m rolling over this “what to do with my life” monstrosity in my head. I always have to have a plan…and right now, I’m not exactly sure what that is. So, I don’t feel nearly as guilty as I usually do when I’m not actively writing. I *am* putting time in on the writing front…it’s just up in my head at the moment.

Anywho, that’s all for tonight. I will catch you kids tomorrow after a good night’s sleep!