Day 699 (redux): Quick

Day 699 (redux): Quick

Solid work day today. I was really tired when the day started 😛 A case of the “mondays” I suppose…but I powered through and woke up a couple hours in.

Work was good…got delayed by several sendbacks, which is always frustrating, but I slogged through. Finished a minute shy of the goal, BUT…I can rock that shiz tomorrow.

Got my writing done, too…it was a little more scattered than I wanted, BUT, I still did it and I will do it again tomorrow.

Man, it’s already 12:30, I have to cut this short. Liz and I were just talking about TV and how beind the curve the big networks are from the premium subscription outlets. It’s not even close. This is what we talk about 😛 Before bed 😛

Good night! More tomorrow.