Day 701 (redux): All over the place

Day 701 (redux): All over the place

Man, it was a FULL day today. Woke up on time, did some apartment stuff, ate some breakfast, walked the dogs, and then took off and played a round of golf.

I was HOT on the golf course. I didn’t think it was supposed to be so hot…but it was 90º out there. Too hot. I stayed in the shade most of the time. Didn’t play too well…or maybe this is just how I play, guys 😛 No mulligans, no replacing my ball…just counting strokes. Trying to figure out where I’m really at, you know?

Anywho, had a blast. Tuesday during the day is the time to play, y’all. Course was wide open. Loved it.

Then came home and did a little more apartment stuff, ate some lunch, took a shower, hung out with the Ho for a hot second and walked the dogs again…and then it was time to head down to Anaheim to go to an A’s game with Joe, his sister who is moving back up to the bay, and Liz.

We got crushed. Sadly. Was really hoping that we’d be able to knock out the Angels out of the postseason hunt with this series…alas it is not so. But maybe we’ll win tomorow and the Astros will win, and then the Angels with 3 games to go are out of the postseason.

It’s 1am, which means it’s time for bed times 😛 More tomorrow, I promise. Two writing hours tomorrow, and that shit will happen, yo. WILL HAPPEN. Wish me luck ;P