Day 705 (redux): Progress

Day 705 (redux): Progress

I worked today.

After the past couple days, it seems like a lot 😛 It took me a good hour and a half longer than it should have…but I did it. And I’ll be on task to then finish my next two work days after these next two days off. I will have “lost” a day…but in the grand scheme of things, that’s inconsequential.

The Ho read my novel today. I guess I mean she *finished* it. Towards the end, she couldn’t put it down. She liked it. And I know that she meant it, too. And she had a lot of great notes. For reals. She always does, which is why I love/fear having her look at my stuff…but it’s because she has such strong opinions and is very honest that she’s the first person I always want to look at what I’m working on. I know it will be invaluable.

I have a similar feeling of mixed excitement and fear regarding the other people I sent the novel out to…and the same knowledge that the feedback I get from them will all be extremely helpful in its own way. Especially helpful given that it’s possible I may be tasked with putting this thing out into the marketplace all on my lonesome…ie- the burden will be entirely upon my own shoulders to make sure it’s polished to a shiny shine.

Liz said that it’s already better than almost all of the other “free” books that she’s read, and that she wants me to drop considering writing anything other than the next book in the Starstuff series. That gives me hope, you guys…because quality is the absolute peak of the mountain when it comes to creative currency. If someone can read what I’ve written and genuinely like it…that’s gold. People read books based off of recommendations. Period. It’s the new market. Well, perhaps the old market too. But with the rise of all the internet book shops, namely Amazon, that rating system and recommedation system is where it’s at. If an author can find a fan-base…well, that’s all you need.

It’s intimidating to think about writing the next book in the series, particlarly because I’ll be venturing off into new territory outline-wise. The existing outline I have wouldn’t fill two more books, that’s for sure. And I want this to be a trilogy, I think. We’ll see where I get with outlining. Part of me thinks it should be pretty easy, given the scope of the world that I’ve created. All I can say is that we’ll see. It might not be the right time for me to tackle the second book in the Starstuff series. We. Will. See.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take it easy. Do my writing, but take it easy. Watch some football, watch a little baseball, take a nap, listen to the rain. Oh, yeah! It’s supposed to rain 🙂 And I’m not working. That’s the best, yo. Mostly, I need to relax. Unwind. If sports stress me out too much, I’ll switch them. I feel discombobulated, and overwhelmed by all of the big feels, both good and bad…MOSTLY good, actually. But still big feels.

It’s good, you guys. It’s the feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone. Feels like I’m dying. But…*hopefully*…I’m growing.

Here’s to writing, y’all. I do love it so…