Day 905: Pluggin away

Day 905: Pluggin away

Oof. It was one of “those” days today. Just nothing I’d planned seemed to go as expected. There was building work, and Flix work, and dog work, and other various bits and bobs…and just nothing seemed to fall like I’d wanted it to.

BUT…work was done. Not the pace I wanted, but it was done.

The new Netflix work is exciting and stressful. Stressful only in that I’m just not sure how long stuff is going to take yet, you know? And I haven’t yet really been able to get deep into it. Today was really the first day, and I didn’t get as much done as I’d wanted.

I didn’t get writing done, and I didn’t work out…it all just feels like it’s in chaos and I hate that. Leaves me feeling scattered and unfocused.

So, that’s the goal for the rest of the week. To get back into a routine.

That’s all I got tonight, catch y’all on the flip 😉