Day 1,287: Talkin Walkin Sunday

Day 1,287: Talkin Walkin Sunday

Today was a talking sunday. OMG…what I just typed by accident was “stunday”…THAT’S AMAZING.

I hearby decree that all sundays will now be referred to as “stundays.” You are welcome.

I got to hang out with my good friend Medwards today. He was dealing with some life stuff and so we hung out and chatted and ate some burgers and watched some basketball. Twas a fine day indeed.

Then I took a quick nap and the Ho and I were off to check out the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood, which was surprisingly or not-surprisingly super fun. It was exactly as run-down and ghetto as we though it would be, and somehow, that was really charming. We’d go again some time. Oh! And they gave us these really cool member coins so that we can come back in the future if we want to (and the reservations for whatever night it is haven’t been too bad).

Then we went and ate some poutine and then came home and walked the pups and POOF. That’s my whole day, yo! It really went by super fast.

tomorrow…the quest to finish Two Guys One Trek continues…last phase here. Last phase. Ish. Second to last, actually…I guess the last phase is actually exporting everything, attaching the artwork, and filling in the metadata. THAT’S the last phase. Hopefully, Friday is the day I do that, because then it means it’s all ready to go. Praise be, let it be so.

And on that front…big announcement coming tomorrow morning for TG1T. Stay tuned 😉