Day 1,309: I'm back! (sorta)

Day 1,309: I’m back! (sorta)

Man, today was one of those half-way kinda days. I was half in, half out.

Putting out season 2 yesterday of TG1T pretty much drained me. Kinda. I was zonked out for most the morning times today…but then I kicked ass all afternoon and evening and got a ton of work done. Enough that I will be able to finish tomorrow with this ‘Flix project, which is when I said I’d be done. I never head back from the up and ups on whether or not that was okay, but hopefully it is 😛

The Ho and I went and watched Baywatch tonight which was teeerrrriiiibbblllleeee…the movie is also flopping BIG TIME at the box office. When I saw the trailers, I definitely wasn’t expecting something great, you know, but at least funny? And silly? This movie both was not funny AND took itself too seriously…it was amateurish. No cohesive vision, and no cool factor.

But, worst of all…it was boring. Boring is the kiss of death. At least Alien: Covenant wasn’t boring…and I hated that movie 😛

Is there anyone out there making great movies any more? Marvel is doing okay…but I mean great. Let me know. I’d be interested.

That’s all I got right now for you peeps. Two Guys One Trek had a record-breaking day today, our most ever. It might be enough to put us into the Top 50 podcasts in TV & Film on iTunes…but we’ll see. I haven’t checked yet, and I think they do that shit weekly anyway. I mean…it is kinda cheating since we drop 25 episodes at a time, but hey…Josh and I didn’t do this for the ratings. We did it for the love 😛

We love sharing the love…but quality over quantity any day, any time. Thanks to those who listened today, and we hope you loved it as much as we did.

Night beaches!

Flying pyramid spaceship tonight is uncredited. Sadly. But still awesome!