Day 1,311: Farewell May

Day 1,311: Farewell May

May, we bid you adieu. We hardly knew ye.

How was your month of May?

Man…it’s hard to even remember how my May was 😛 This was a big month. I “finished” a lot of things. The most major being the release finally finally FINALLY of Two Guys One Trek season 2, along with a revamp of the first season. The next most major thing — and it’s only “minor” to TG1T in the sense that I spent less time on it this month as opposed to March and April — was that my manuscript for Starstuff was sent off to my Copy Editor.


I also did a work of week for the ‘Flix…and a shit-ton of apartment building stuff…and had both my wife and my mom’s birthdays.

Whew! Oh…AND read three books 😛 We count allllll of the achievements here at The Incrediblog, folks, no matter how small or stupid 😛

May was a month for finishers. I love months like that. Loooooooove months like that.

The Ho and I sent May off in style today by hanging out with our friend Rob out in Malibu, yes, the ‘Bu. It was overcast, but that suited us just fine, us Northern Cali natives who narry went to a beach with the sun out…we had sammy’s, lively banter, drinks at two Malibu places, and then came home and promptly zonked out for a late afternoon nap.

It was glorious. Truly.

Then I walked the pups, and then we watched J. Lo hoot and holler for her new show World of Dance on NBC…which is kinda hokey as a show…but very exciting in terms of talent. They’re not culling young pups…no this show features the best of the best. For reals. Pros. It’s very exciting. THAT’S who I want to see on a fucking dance show, anyway, right??? The BEST squaring off against each other. Very exciting.

Night, beaches.