Day 1,323: RANGZZZZ

Day 1,323: RANGZZZZ

The Warriors have their second NBA title in three years. I’ve been a Warriors fan since I was a young pup, being from NorCal and all…and seeing this team dominate the way they have these past several years has been a thing of beauty. Especially this year. They way they played basketball was incredible. I watched almost all of their games. They deserved to win this championship.

I know there’s a lot of haters, and I get it. I really do. I hated the Yankees, HATED the Yankees when they signed Giambi and Godzilla and Clemens and all those incredible players in the aughts…but you know what? Those “money” teams never won a World Series. I mean, they won ONCE in…2008, I think?…but that was it. WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP IS THE HARDEST THING TO DO IN PRO SPORTS. Period. Look at the Warriors last season – they won 73 games…and lost the Finals in 7. Kevin Durant does not diminish the accomplishment of the 2017 Warriors in any way. Remotely.

I thought they were going to do it tonight, but I certainly didn’t take it for granted. No way. Not after last year.

Medwards came over and watched the game with me, which was awesome. It was also great to see them win at home…though it would have been really, really amazing to win game 4 and have gone 16-0 in the playoffs. I think that would have cemented this particular Warriors team as the best (playoff) team in NBA history — or at least the best playoff RUN in NBA history — …but as it is, they’ll just be champs, and I am totally finally with that. Champs is more important, actually. It’s the top of the mountain.

I did my writing today! Day #1 down and done with. Tomorrow will be day #2. And, I decided to just start writing this book from the very beginning, the very first chapters, dictating the book. It’s just SO MUCH FASTER to dictate, and it’s a skill, just like typing, that I think I can master. I know I can master. And I have anxiety about it…so the sooner I just dive in and DO it and LEARN, the better. Because, man…having dictation for writing being second nature? That is a GAME. CHANGER. So…wish me luck. Hopefully the learning curve isn’t too steep.

One last bit of news, that I’ll put more into tomorrow: Josh and myself are guests on this other Star Trek podcast called “Trek Geeks” which was pre-released today to their FB group “Camp Khitomer”…and it’s a lot of fun. Bill and Dan are the BEST, truly, and it was such a blast to be on their show. It’s the first time I’ve ever guested on someone else’s podcast. I’ll throw a page up about it here tomorrow morning with links, but if you want to catch some of it tonight, just do a search for “Camp Khitomer” on facebook and join the group 😉 super fun!

Good night!