Day 1,327: Another quick one

Day 1,327: Another quick one

Yes, alas, this one tonight also has to be a quick one because it’s already midnight as I’m sitting down to write this.

I *did* write today! The streak is alive! It wasn’t a lot of words…817 I think…but they were new words. Legit new words. I’m now just about 10% into my new book, and there was also a breakthrough today. I finally FINALLY got a handle on the hooks for this new story. The seeds of anticipation that I’m planting to open this book. It took me a good 10,000 words, but I got there, and that feels good.

We went and watched Liz tape her show tonight. There’s only one left. ONE. It seems…both that this show has been going on for a while and that it’s been the blink of an eye. I wonder what it feels like for Liz, having actually worked each of these episodes. I’m going to miss coming and watching the tapings. That’s for sure.

Tomorrow, I’m up early helping a tenant move their stuff. The Ho sisters are off to Malibu, I think, and I’ll join them once I’m done.

Night. More writing tomorrow, and more time spent with J and her boyfriend Tom. Huzzah!