Day 1,328: Malibuuuuu

Day 1,328: Malibuuuuu

We had the most amazing day in Malibu today…and not amazing in the sense that we really DID anything, amazing in that we did nothing 😛

It was hot as balls at home today, and so anticipating that, we planned yesterday to go out to the beach and enjoy temperatures that were 20º cooler. TWENTY. DEGREES. It was gorgeous. And warm, actually. Even that much cooler. I suncreened like a mofo, and I came out pristine! Just one tiny patch by my shoulder that got a little pink. I call that a friggin win and a half.

My day started out super friggin early, 7:30 out the gate, directing traffic as the building workers moved some stuff from one unit to another. That took a couple hours. I still had enough time after that, though, to sit down and rattle off some writing dictation – my total today was 771, I think…but the great news is that 771 happened in the span of just 14 minutes. DOPE. I can see why so many of these other writers out there do these quick “sprints”…you can really up your efficiency that way.

And Dragon *is* continuing to improve. I can see the results (because I’m tracking them, ha!) – my accuracy is creeping up each time. Not quite the jump up to near-perfection that I want…and that I’ve been told is possible…but getting there. We’re sitting in the 97% range right now, which is up from 95% earlier in the week. I’ve been told I can get that up to around 99.5%, which is where I want to be. I realize that SOUNDS incredible already – “like, that’s almost perfect! What’s the big deal?”

Consider this: I’m already at an average of 3,000 words per hour in a week of doing this. The difference between 95% accuracy and 99.5% accuracy for 3,000 words is 150 errors and 15. 150 errors would take me about two hours to read through and correct/re-train. 15 errors takes about 10 minutes. So there is actually a HUGE difference between those two numbers. Hence…why I take the time to correct and train the software right now as I use it.

After Malibu, we came home and quickly fed the pups. Then, we went out to Reseda and had BCD Tofu! OMG. I friggin love that stuff. So much.

Anywho, it’s time for the sleeps. It’s been very nice having Julianne and Thom as guests, and I’m looking forward to more time with them tomorrow!