Day 1,376: Khhaaaannnnn(vention)

Day 1,376: Khhaaaannnnn(vention)

Day Two of the Vegas extravaganza 🙂

‘Twas our first day on the convention floor, and we spent the majority of it waiting in line as expected 😛 I was here for autographs, and today I got them. All except one I have scheduled for tomorrow (which remindddssss me, I need to look at what time that is), and one because the actor wasn’t able to make it today. Le sigh. Jonathan Frakes is apparently becoming a hard autograph to get…

So, tomorrow will be Sir PatStew. The plaque, which I was so afraid was not going to work with the silver, which is what I had envisioned when I first saw it, looks DOPE. It looks so good. I’m so, so happy with it. Next year is going to be a big Deep Space Nine year, I think, and I’m going to get them to sign the Defiant plaque…I think. We’ll see. Unless I can think of something else on the actual station for them to sign.

We ended up taking a pretty epic nap, and then we hung out with Kerry and her friend “Cutty,” whose real name is Jennifer, and that was super fun. We had some Pho (they were out of rare steak! sad face) and then we went and checked out the Karaoke going on in Quark’s Bar.

A successful day of Trekking, indeed. One more day. This has been and will be such a quick trip, man. Oh wells.

Oh, shit, there was just lighting. Much excite. And it’s raining. IN AUGUST IN VEGAS. What is happening?