Day 1,380: Nooooooooooo

Day 1,380: Nooooooooooo

I am officially a juror. Which means I can’t talk about it. So, I won’t, except to say that I’m bummed out 😛

But, it is what it is, man. There’s no going back now. I’m putting in my time as a civil servant, and will do my best to make sure justice is served…or at least the law followed.

I wrote today again, though this was a deluge-ing out of a brand new idea onto Wattpad. Not sure if I like it, but we’ll see how it goes. Might write more on it tomorrow. It’s practice, really. Pure creation. Seeing what sticks for me, and if I ever get any readers, what sticks for them. Audiences have never been more accessible and dagnabit, I’m going to use that fact to get better as a writer.

Got some good feedback today, too, on a new prologue for Starstuff, which comes in handy because I needed some new text to send off to some potential editors for book 2. I can’t afford my last editor, alas…hoping I can find someone good for the next one that’s more affordable.

Anywho…that was my day. I went to court and got selected, came home and took a nap, walked the pups, and then did some writing work. I’m wiped.

Tomorrow, it’s up early again so I can get to the courthouse before I’m called in and get some more editing work done on Starstuff, which I started today; doing a gender change on one of the characters. That’s due next week! So much to do…


Artwork tonight is from Ralph McQuarrie.