Day 1,382: Plodding Along Deliberately

Day 1,382: Plodding Along Deliberately

Another day at court and then at home. I get my writing done in between all that, and I do my narration work first thing after I get home for the evening. Well, I do half of the narration work, then I take a nap, and do the other half. I know! This is riveting stuff! 😛

I’m learning a lot about our justice system from my experiences, but I realize that I can’t actually talk about any of that, so hopefully I can use this entry tonight to remind me to think about it and talk about it once the trial is over.

The Ho and I watching Deep Space Nine together, did I tell you that? We’re starting from the beginning, and I know that she isn’t sold at all on it, but that’s okay. I have faith that once the show actually starts getting better, she’ll see why I like it so much. It becomes something different, and that is exciting.

That’s all I’ve really got for you all today…I can’t really talk about my day. Not a good situation for a blog 😛

More, well…more next week once this thing I’m in is done and I can actually talk about it!

Art tonight from Ismail Inceoglu.