Day 1,383: A short one!

Day 1,383: A short one!

Half-day in court today. Huzzah! For anyone just tuning in: no, I am not in court for *me*…but I am a jury member. Can’t talk about it 😛

Got to come home early, get a little rest in, AND still get all my work done. That also meant I got to watch the A’s play today, which can be a dubious activity, given how we’ve played this year…but we had an excellent game tonight, beating the Orioles 5-4. Much satisfaction.

I also finished this baby rewrite today of Starstuff changing the gender of one of the characters. I still have to do another pass tomorrow, and add in a little section towards the very end of the book, but man, that is a *relief*. I was definitely concerned that because of jury duty for a week and a half that I would not be able to get work done, but here we are. Tired, but on track.

And, I think I’m going to give this “going to work” scenario a try for a while to jump-start this writing habit again. It’s worked this week like woah. Majorly. I actually had anxiety once I got home and needed to start working…and I know what it is. No question. It’s taking care of this building. It stresses me the fuck out. It invades every single day. At least right now with the “stressing” part. It’s not always like this. But I’m a flower right now, fragile and easily bruised 😛

I’m just starting a new routine after a MAJOR change. I’m sure as time progresses, I’ll build up some fortitude when it comes to multitasking and getting distracted. But yeah…totally noticed that my tension level spiked as soon as I was home and wanted to get some work done. Don’t like that. Not at all. Listen to your bodies, folks! They’ll tell you more about how you’re feeling than your head will 😛

Okay, that’s two paragraphs ended with a tongue-sticking-out-face. That’s my quota. You heard it here first.

Pups are great. Bear is stressed out, but great…life is good. Looking forward to the weekend! And next week…getting back into Book 2. I have ideas. IDEAS!

Artwork tonight from Damian Adino