Day 1,411: Packed

Day 1,411: Packed

The A’s won tonight. We hit a grand slam, and then walked off with two more runs in the bottom of the 9th to beat the best team (former, anyway…I think the Indians are pretty clearly the best team) in the AL, the Houston Astros. Twas glorious.

Man…just remembered that I have a lesson I need to do for, so we’re gonna make this entry short tonight. A lot of short ones lately, I know. It’s a function, really, of my anxiety which has been high ever since going full-time on the authoring. I’m just getting used to it, it’s normal. In fact, even though I haven’t written new words for the past four days on my novel, I’m feeling much more in control and confident. Like…it’s only a matter of figuring out this outline. For reals. I’m so close. And I know now how much I can crank through in as little as a day. I’ve got two weeks now to get the rest of this novel done. 100 pages, plus some rewriting. Shiiiiitttt. I can do that shit fo sho. Even with this NYC trip.

So, yeah…that’s the other thing: all packed and ready to go to New York. Gonna watch Henri for a week while his parents figure out some new child care. I’ve never been to New York in the summer. I’m excited.

That’s all I got for you tonight, guys. I’ll catch you on the east coast tomorrow.

Oh, one last thought: THANK YOU to my amazing wife for handling the building business today like a BOSS. She rented our vacant unit. THANK YOU number two goes out to Nikolai who’s watching the puppers and the apartment for us in a pinch. You’re a legend. I owe you, like, five lunches for this. At least.