Ira Heinichen is a writer/actor/model living in Los Angeles. He…is currently writing about himself using the third person, pretending that it’s someone else writing about him. Like, he’s so important he needs someone else to write these things for him. He’s also pretending about the “model” part of that first sentence. The writer and actor parts are true…but I’ve probably blown that credibility already by the afore-mentioned lying.

This blog is my digital shelf, a collection of my thoughts and favorite-est things, from Sci Fi and Television to Movies and Baseball.

I write every day on my blog. Sometimes I post videos from my Youtube channel. Sometimes I post about music that I think is so cool it needs to be shared. My defunkt music podcast “Fresh Produce” is now housed here. I write about my baseball team, and I also talk into microphones about them as well on the Green Collar Podcast. I write reviews on books and movies. It’s a mish-mosh of everything “Ira.”

I hope you enjoy!

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