#029 - “Operation: Annihilate!”

#029 – “Operation: Annihilate!”

Our LAST EPISODE of the first season ever of Star Trek…it all happened so fast, didn’t it? Do we kick off the wait for season…

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#028 - “The City of the Edge of Forever”

#028 – “The City of the Edge of Forever”

Kirk falls in love, this time for real, McCoy goes batsh*t crazy, and the boys meet the Guardian of Forever…  

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#027 - “The Alternative Factor”

#027 – “The Alternative Factor”

Whisker-beard-man causes all kinds of problems on the fun-house Enterprise, Josh thinks we should take the podcast to the road, and Ira has questions, so…

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#026 - “Errand of Mercy”

#026 – “Errand of Mercy”

The boys test out their sexy voices and Shatner impressions, we meet the Klingons for the first time, and the Organians seem kinda familiar…  

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#025 - “The Devil in the Dark”

#025 – “The Devil in the Dark”

Josh & Ira talk about how it’s different watching Trek together, discuss the attitude coming from Bones, and weigh the pros and cons of monster…

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#024 - “This Side of Paradise”

#024 – “This Side of Paradise”

Spock gets a girlfriend, Kirk fights some plants, and Ira remembers when it cost a small fortune to own Trek. Oh, the good ol’ days….

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#023 - “A Taste of Armageddon”

#023 – “A Taste of Armageddon”

We Trek during the day, Josh feels like the show is hitting a new stride, and Ira questions the central premise of this episode.  

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#022 - “Space Seed”

#022 – “Space Seed”

Khan. He’s finally here. Josh has a friend who’s been inspired by TG1T, the boys realize that only one person is allowed in the engineering…

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#021 - “The Return of the Archons”

#021 – “The Return of the Archons”

We decide Spock is a horrible actor and Lenny Knees is a great one, the crew once again finds themselves in a Space Dungeon, and…

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