Episode 018: September 22, 2010 – DJ Geisha

She’s been mentioned several times on the show, cherry picking bombs from the background, the whispering tastemaker in our ear. Well, she’s on the show today, in person, in the studio – DJ Geisha shares not one, but TWO tracks to jam to. A first-hand listen at just why she has out ear. Killer show this week that doesn’t stop. We missed last week, so there’s a bit of feeling in the air that we have to remind you all why Fresh Produce is the freshest kid on the playground. Buckle up.

[download] or stream the full show below:

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/audio/podcast/freshproduce018_09-22-2010.mp3|titles=Fresh Produce: Episode 018 – September 22, 2010]

Featuring music from Schadenfreude, Christian Fischer, Arnej, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels, and much much more!


1. Schadenfreude – Galapik [Black and White Orange Records]

Schadenfreude is back on the show, this time on the UK house imprint Black & White Orange. What else do we ask for except fat basses and cool atmosphere – this one has both in abundance. There’s an old school feel to this track that makes my hair stand up. From the thundercloud pad effects and groaning horn to the melancholy ethnic vocal, it’s harkens to a progressive time of the past…without *sounding* like it’s stuck in the past. Great work.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/galapik.mp3|titles=Schadenfreude – Galapik]


2. Fatboy Slim – Bird of Prey (Markus Schulz vocal remix) [Skint Records]

Slim’s long-time digital home Skint Records has been gathering and releasing the best of his unsolicited remixes for almost a decade now, and they’ve just released a spellbinding compilation of the highlights including this early early work from the now gigantic Markus Schulz. It’s out now, for the first time EVER on digital release. Most of you will recognize this track as “Sunset (Bird of Prey)” from Deep Dish’s GU022 “Moscow” mixed compilation…it’s been almost ten years and the track is still massive. Sampling from the legendary Jim Morrison was never cooler.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/bird_of_prey.mp3|titles=Fatboy Slim – Bird of Prey (Markus Schulz vocal remix)]


3. Christian Fischer – International [Definition Records]

This German producer stormed onto our playing field a few years ago with an insanely awesome co-production with Hybrid called “I know” that seemed to be on *everyone’s* playlist for a couple years. Well, he’s certainly been busy since then, and he’s appearing here on his own Definition Records. It’s DJ Geisha’s first pick of the day, and one that happened to be on my short list as well. The *songwriting* on this track, particularly with the piano and strings, is in a class of its own.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/international.mp3|titles=Christian Fischer – International]


4. Miles Dyson & Lea Luna – Hearts under Fire (Pleasurekraft remix) [Brandnewvibe Recordings]

Lea Luna is certainly an up-and-coming vocalist to watch out for, as is co-producer Miles Dyson. Both are getting the all-star treatment here from breakout Miami duo Pleasurekraft who have their perfect follow-up hit to the huge “Tarantula” (which was predicted right here on this show, mind you:). It’s simultaneously big and small, it’s quirky, and it’s DJ Geisha’s second pick of the day. We say “good one!”

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/hearts_under_fire.mp3|titles=Miles Dyson & Lea Luna – Hearts under Fire (Pleasurekraft remix)]


5. Pig & Dan – We are E [Ground Factory Records]

The tracks and the labels may change, but the names stay the same this year; Pig & Dan pull a stomping number from their deck of cards. Loving this synth-line they’ve brought back and tweaked from one of their biggest tracks of 2008 “Hope”. It’s not quite as intense here, but still very much big room, something which these two manage to accomplish with an ease of effort that nobody seems to be able to match. Throbbing basslines and eerie mechanical sounding stabs…techno perfection.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/we_are_e.mp3|titles=Pig & Dan – We are E]


6. Andre Sobota – Unreal (Tomy DeClerque remix) [Proton Music]

So the question today is, does Slovenia have a techno scene? The loud “affirmative” comes from Tomy DeClerque, who almost singlehandedly has put the petite European country on the map. He has some stiff competition for top billing on remix duties, up against a fresh produce favorite in Cid Inc. who also appears on the EP, but we think he’s done it. Hands Down. Amazing drive, rolling delayed/reverbed-out synth blips and tock-tock drum clicks. It’s a surprise that this is the first time he’s made it onto the show, but it couldn’t be with a stronger track. Massive.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/unreal.mp3|titles=Andre Sobota – Unreal (Tomy DeClerque remix)]


7. Gary Beck – Standing on my Foot (Grindvik by your Side remix) [Sleaze Records]

Sleaze Records, the UK outfit, has top-billed this track on their second “Best of” compilation EP. We’re not arguing with that choice. Gary Beck has really emerged as a superstar since this dropped back at the beginning of the year, and fellow German Pär Grindvik does a wicked job expanding the trippy original into some main stage madness. I say it over and over again, give your track some edgy atmosphere and then fatten the fuck out of that bass. It work *every* time. Exhibit 1 right here.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/standing_on_my_foot.mp3|titles=Gary Beck – Standing on my Foot (Grindvik by your Side remix)]


8. John Dahlback – Everywhere (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels) [Wormland Black]

Francesco Diaz and his partners in crime Young Rebels have been in the unique position of running one of the biggest progressive labels on the planet, and producing some of the biggest progressive tracks in the scene all at the same time. If you need any further proof of that, check out their latest release “Mission Complete” which is newly out on the very same Wormland Black. This track in particular stands out as a gem, pairing with the Swedish rockstar John Dahlback and his vocalist of choice Andy P. The two german remixers do an wonderful job of squeezing every last drop of potential from the fuzzy bassline to shake the rafters.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/everywhere.mp3|titles=John Dahlback – Everywhere (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels)]


9. Fusion F & Come T – Wonder [Audiotherapy]

Dave Seaman’s much anticipated GU039: Lithuania double CD will be dropping almost exactly a week from today, and one of the stand out tracks on it is this mind-blowing number. I’ve literally seen these two up-and-comers grow up in front of my eye. Two of the hardest self-promoters on the scene, they’ve certainly arrived in a big way with this one. It’s the truly rockstar moment of the show, I love this track. Amazing composition backed with some brilliant sound choices, it’s going straight onto the years best “for your consideration”.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/wonder.mp3|titles=Fusion F & Come T – Wonder]


10. Arnej – They Need Us [Armada Music]

Armada, a label that certainly lives up to its name, has made snatching up young talent its business for the better part of a decade now and it most certainly pays its dividends. In the past two years since slamming onto the scene via label boss Armin van Buuren, this Bosnian trance-smith has always stayed on my radar, lurking here there even though trance doesn’t always do it for me. This track is undeniable. It’s full of musicianship, impeccable production, and some real show-stopping power. Reminds us to never be afraid of some cheese…as long as it’s *good* cheese.

[audio:http://www.freshproduceonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/they_need_us.mp3|titles=Arnej – They Need Us]


Thanks to DJ Geisha for stopping by and coming on the show, thanks to everyone for listening. We’re back next week with more big time guests and floor-filling music. Reminding you all to check out our twitter feed and facebook page, one of the easiest ways to interact with us and other music lovers – be a tastemaker, join the discussion. Remember to think outside the genre box, buy your music, and keep it fresh. See you on the flip!