Day 6: Near Miss

Day 6: Near Miss

Here I was, so contently nestling down to read and cap off what ended up being a glorious Sunday of (mostly) lazing around. A kindle wake-up away from FORGETTING TO WRITE MY DAILY CHALLENGE ENTRY.

It’s probably going to happen again. And if it did, I’m saying here and now that I’d fake it and write two the next day and change the date on that shit. Because…it’s not really about the consecutive streak, is it? It’s about forming a habit of putting my thoughts down on…electronic paper. Black and white.

Now listen, guys, not all of these entries are going to be gems for the masses like the Anal Glands entry. But I also promise that very few will be like the indulgently cryptic entry last night. Most will be like this one, just kind of talking about what’s swirling in my head at the moment.

Right now, I happen to be reflecting on what was surprising mix of relaxing and intense weekend.

It started with golf, which sounds relaxing, and it was, but it was also likely the last time that I’d be playing golf with someone I’d grown very close to. He’s moving home. It’s something that has been happening a lot lately. And while we were playing, we talked about Joseph Campbell, and “The Wasteland.” About how, in a very real sense, Los Angeles *is* the wasteland. And I don’t mean that in terms of slagging this city. Campbell’s wasteland was where truth was found, where the hero is tested by challenge after challenge and reborn, and it is from the wasteland that the hero returns home with this new truth that changes everything. Which is to say, my friend is very much looking forward to his return home. And that made me think about my home…and how I don’t think I ever will return home. And I’m not really sure what that means yet.

Liz, also, was shopping for a wedding dress this weekend, which is obviously intense for obvious reasons. Which isn’t to say that our wedding planning has gone awry, quite the opposite actually, but dude. It’s a friggin wedding. It’s intense even when it’s also incredibly exciting. We’ve worked out a system where at the same time each night, we sit down and have a “wedding hour.” Sounds cutesy, but listen you jaded fuckers, it’s keeping this shit manageable. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but like most things, I can’t. It was all Liz.

Saturday then finished up with work stress, which still has to remain vague, but continues to remind me about letting go. I can really only, speak for myself, but I’d be surprised if I were alone in this; I honestly desire to control the outcome of a situation when it comes to dealing with another person. Which this weekend reminded me, is utterly impossible, especially when someone gets emotional. Or just crazy. For real, it’s a gut check. Life tapping me on the shoulder, politely clearing its throat, and reminding me that I cannot, in fact, control the reactions of another human being, and that I should kindly shut the fuck up and let it go. The good news about being almost 2 years into this job is that the “letting go” part, blessedly, comes a lot quicker than it used to.

Today was agility training with Mr. Cooper, followed by some good old Red Zone football watching, and capped off with the finishing of the movie “The Intouchables.” It’s fucking fantastic. I know, I know. That’s three F-bombs in one post, but it was worth it on this last one. The plot on this movie is an eye-roller. Not by any means a deal-breaker, but nothing we haven’t seen before. But the chemistry between the two main character is…I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s worth it. They elevate the film into something that’s worth watching. Last year (and the year before too) were *shit* years for film. Depressingly bad. But “The Intouchables” was not part of that crapfest. It is excellent.

And then I took a nap. One of those amazing opportunities where I looked down and Cooper and was like “holy shit, I feel really tired all of the sudden” and he was all “My schedule’s clear.”

And then Liz was home and we ate wonton soup and watched Homeland, which is still fun, but let’s be honest and admit it’s a shadow of what it was for the first season and a half, and Boardwalk Empire, which I’m feeling the growing need to campaign for because it’s REALLY GOOD. It was the best show on TV last year, and this year is looking like more of the same. Like really, REALLY good and you should be watching it.

That’s all she wrote for tonight, it’s sleeping time.