Day 9: Hijacked!

Day 9: Hijacked!


The term I use when something unforeseen and uncontrollable steps in and takes over my time.

More problems over here at blog HQ, unfortunately. There’s a precious folder that has suddenly decided to deny my access. Not good. Emailing with the tech gods. They’re on the case.

It wasn’t what this journal entry for today was supposed to be about, but it will have to be. It’s nearly midnight, and I have a busy day tomorrow. Sad face 🙁

Good news is, guys, today was a great day. And this site fiasco hasn’t ruined that. Did some real producer work for “Made of Clay,” got my work done, planned with the Ho for the wedding, and snuggled down early for bed…which as we know got hijacked by technology.

K-I-S-S…keep it simple stupid…I should have 😛

Night y’all! We’ll talk longer tomorrow.