Day 23: Day OFF

Day 23: Day OFF

It happened. Oh, sweet baby Jesus, it happened. And it felt short 😛

But not in an overly bad way at all, it was just like “oh, maybe I need to try taking a few of these newfangled things in a row.” Which is coming over the weekend. I thought that maybe today I’d want to read a lot, or veg out in front of the TV, or maybe even do some writing. Here on the blog, or on my spec, or even on the new story that’s been brewing.

But no, that was not to be. As I put it to Cooper, “dude, I think you and I have slept the same amount today.” Which, if you really pay attention, is A LOT. Cooper sleeps most of the time. Not for very long, mind you, but it still takes up the majority of his day. And that, apparently, is what my body had in store for me as well. Go figure.

But I do feel more rested, less frazzled.

For some reason the shower I took today felt incredible. Like, my skin goosebumped. Maybe it was because it’s been cooler all day and the hot water felt that much more luxurious, but man…great shower. Ha! Now you’re picturing me naked. You’re welcome.

Got to catch up with my brother, Scott, which is always nice. He’s out in Chicago doing a PhD program in Physical Therapy. Ya, and I’m an actor/writer. *facepalm* But he thinks he might be top of his class, which is no surprise to me. If he likes something, he’ll work on it until he’s mastered it, and he tells me he’s really enjoying it out there. But, he’s not *sure* if he’s top of the class because, apparently, they don’t want to encourage competition in their program. Pinko commies.

Then, the Ho and I went out and met with one of her acting foils; someone she constantly sees at auditions because they’re the same “type” — generally in this town, because they’re in direct competition for roles, friendships with said-competition would be a surprise. But, meeting her and her husband, and seeing how genuinely nice they both are and easy to get along with, it’s a no-brainer. It was a wonderful dinner at “Caioti,” a little pizza joint in Studio City, just down the road from where we used to live on Tujunga. Gelato afterwards next door was also amazing.

And, now, it’s raining outside, which finally makes it feel like fall. Growing up on the Pacific North Coast, that’s what the fall meant. The beginning of the rainy season. The ocean kept the coast warm enough to rarely, if ever, snow…but rain it would. Constantly from mid October through April. And mud. We lived in a dairy town, with fields instead of concrete, so getting around outside *anywhere*, even if just from the house to the car, meant mud on your shoes and likely your pants. It was only on the clear days that it would get cold enough to freeze at night. That was always cool, too, because all the mud would freeze and you could look down and crunch the dirt crystals with your feet. Driving on the highway to school was always an adventure on those days, too. “Black Ice” was nothing to fuck with.

Anywho, we get little tiny slivers of that down here in LA over the next few months when it rains, and tonight is one of those nights. Pretty cool.